JunZeJun Provided Full Legal Services for the ABS Programme of the Cornerstone International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd

Issue date:28 Sep 2016
In September 2016, the " 基石国际租赁一期-建投汇融资产支持专项计划" ABS programme (the “Programme”) successfully obtained the no objection letter from Shanghai Stock Exchange, and established on September 27, 2016.
The underlying assets of the Programme is leasehold, and the Programme adopts the structured stratifying, the offering of balance payment commitment and liquidity support commitment, and so on to enhance the credit of the Programme. The issuance of the Programme is in the size of 1.1 billion and at interest rates ranging from 3.2%-3.6% (the consolidated coupon rate is 3.43%) due 2019, which including the tranche of priority A1, priority A2, priority A3 and the secondary tranche of asset-backed securities, and the priority tranches of which accounting for 95% and having a credit rating of AAA , while the secondary tranche for only 5% subscribed by the originator. The interest rate of the issuance of the Programme sets a record low in financial leasing products in Shanghai Stock Exchange since the adoption of filing system.
JunZeJun Law Offices was appointed as the legal adviser of the Programme, and provided the project team which composed of Liu Zhihong,Zhou Jin and Feng Haoliang to offer comprehensive and high quality Legal services, including participation in the design of the transaction structure, the drafting of a full set of transaction documents, due diligence and issuing a legal opinion for the establishment of the Programme.
JunZeJun has been at the forefront of the innovation of financial theory and practice, and has long been active in the field of asset securitization and structural finance. JunZeJun is committed to providing legal guarantee for innovative structured financial business.
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