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JunZeJun Held “One Belt and One Road

Issue date:07 Feb 2018
In February 1, 2018, invited by JunZeJun Shanghai law office, Consulates General in Shanghai, foreign governmental agencies and financial institutions of more than 10 countries including the United States, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Romania, Venezuela etc., participated in the "One Belt One Road" commercial cooperation conference. The representatives of Sichuan provincial government, Chongqing municipal government, Yixing municipal government, Sichuan chamber of Commerce, Ningxia chamber of Commerce and other domestic governments, institutions, and entrepreneurs were also invited to attend this annual exchange meeting for business cooperation. Nearly one hundred participants have carried out in-depth communication and made a full discussion on a cross - regional and cross - cultural cooperation.
As a large and comprehensive law firm in China, JunZeJun has focused on developing its legal services for foreign affairs. In response to China’s "One Belt One Road" initiative, JunZeJun has taken its own advantages to follow the pace of enterprises, and to actively help those Chinese enterprises to expand the international market. In recent years, JunZeJun’s international legal team has provided legal service of high quality for the domestic enterprises in transnational mergers and acquisitions, bond issuance, overseas financing disputes, overseas construction disputes, is well received by the industry.
(Senior Partner of JunZeJun, Mr. Wang Zhengyang)
Mr. Wang Zhengyang, the senior partner of JunZeJun, delivered an opening address for this "One Belt and Road" exchange event. Attorney Wang Zhengyang introduced achievements made by JunZeJun Shanghai office in 2017, and expressed that JunZeJun Shanghai office will continue to promote the legal service for "One Belt One Road” initiative in 2018, and continue to provide strong legal support for the regional cooperation of domestic enterprises.
(Chief Representative of Turkey Garanti Bank, Mr. Noyan Rona)
The Chief Representative of Turkey Garanti Bank, Mr. Noyan Rona introduced Turkey’s positive response to "One Belt One Road" initiative in fluent Chinese, the advantages of investing in Turkey, and also affirmed that JunZeJun has always provided good legal services to enterprises and individuals in Turkey.
(Deputy President of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (China), Mr. Tokura)
The Deputy President of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (China), Mr. Tokura spoke highly of the efficient legal service provided by JunZeJun as a legal adviser to the bank’s Suzhou branch, Wuxi branch, and Chengdu branch. Mr. Tokura suggested that the development and growth of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi’s business in China are indispensable from JunZeJun’s strong support with the professional, high efficient and trustworthy legal services in finance field which are the powerful safeguard for their business operating in China.
(Chief Representative of Korean Trade Insurance Corporation Shanghai Office, Mr. LEE Mu Hyuk)
Korean Trade Insurance Corporation has always been concerned about the "One Belt One Road" initiative, and actively promoted the mutual cooperation between China and South Korea. Mr. LEE Mu Hyuk, the Chief Representative of Korean Trade Insurance Corporation Shanghai Office, expressed appreciation towards JunZeJun for providing such a platform for commercial cooperation and exchange. And he hoped to promote communication and cooperation between Chinese and Korean enterprises together with JunZeJun.
(Vice President of Guangxi LiuGong Group, Mr. Li Yuning)
As a large state-owned enterprise, LiuGong Group has actively responded to China’s "Go Global Strategy" and "One Belt One Road" initiative. As one of the most successful enterprises in domestic and overseas development, LiuGong has its engineering machinery business covered more than 140 countries and regions in the world. The legal services provided by JunZeJun to LiuGong Group in policy consulting concerning, legal evaluation on invested projects, asset restructuring, and legal risk control on business are fully recognized and appreciated by Mr. Li Yuning, the Vice President of LiuGong Group.
(Secretary-General of Sichuan Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Mr. Zhou Guoping)
On behalf of Sichuan Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the Secretary General Mr. Zhou Guoping gave a speech. He spoke highly of this meeting organized by JunZeJun Shanghai office, and emphasized the role the professional legal services has played in protecting Chinese enterprises in overseas development.
"One Belt One Road" initiative is a major program of lasting importance to the development of the country, JunZeJun Law Offices has its own development always closely linked with the development of the country. In 2018, JunZeJun’s international legal services will be further focused on the "One Belt One Road"; JunZeJun will offer advice on this initiative, and provide professional legal services to domestic and foreign enterprises.


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