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Real Estate and Construction Engineering

The Department of Real Estate and Construction Engineering of JunZeJun Law Offices is a professional legal service department of which the core service is in real estate and construction field. The partners and lawyers of the Department all possess a wealth of experience in fields like real estate development, construction engineering and financing, and all of them have been engaged in providing legal services for large-scale state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, real estate funds, outstanding real estate companies and construction enterprises. With solid professional knowledge, excellent legal service skills and high service efficiency, our capable and talented team of lawyers have had provided professional legal services of high quality for our customers in fields like land using right transfer, land first-stage development, three-olds renovation projects (including urban renewal projects), real estate project development and construction (including joint development of real estate), real estate project investment and financing, disposal of bad assets of real estate, real estate assets securitization, construction engineering and real estate related dispute resolution, etc.

Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include:
Perennial legal counsel for real estate enterprises Investment, financing and merger & acquisition of real estate projects
Three olds (old town, old factory, old village ) renovation projects (including urban renewal projects) Leasing of commercial, retailing, office, or residential real estates 
Land first-stage development projects Disposal of assets (including bad assets) of real estate projects
Housing demolition, compensation and resettlement Real estate assets securitization
Formation or reorganization of real estate development project companies and investment platforms Construction engineering contracting
Project development of real estate Real estate or construction related disputes resolution
Management of real estate (property) Construction engineering related disputes resolution


Leading Lawyers
Urbanization Transformation

Urbanization, which involves multiple participants and a wide range of fields, is a highly complex systems engineering. Every part of the urbanization, from the concept, planning and design, to the investment, construction and operation, and every step of the urbanization process, from the industry import and community formation to the public administration and social governance, are in relation to the collaboration among different participants, particularly between the public sectors and the private entities. Such collaboration relationships are built under certain policies and the frame of legal system, and shall be stipulated by contracts. Therefore, here come the lawyers. JunZeJun Law Offices has been taking an active part in the process of urbanization transformation, typically the new area development and urban renewal/ “Three-old” renovation, serving as the designer of the relating systems, modes and frames as well as the integrator for collaboration achievements of all parties. Hence, we have been deeply engaged in every project from the very beginning to the end.

Real Estate Investment and Merger & Acquisition

Real Estate Investment and Merger & Acquisition(M&A) are important ways to obtain real estate projects and also for real estate resources integration. JunZeJun could design different transaction structures for different projects, and help the clients control transaction risks, reduce transaction costs and help in delivery and final transfer of the target projects.

  • Legal due diligence
  • Designing transaction structure
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Planning for tax and fees, and looking for the most favorable transaction structure and mode for the purpose of saving tax and fees
  • Drafting project transaction documents
  • Providing witnessing services on equity transfer and project delivery
Real Estate Joint Development

Joint development of real estate is a common form of development of real estate. Prevention in the whole of real estate development risk has the function of escorting on project's implementation. With a wealth of practical experience in this area, JunZeJun lawyers could help in preventing and controlling legal risks for the clients from various aspects and angles. The legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area are mainly as follows:

  • Background investigation of partners
  • Designing the joint development model
  • Demonstrating legal risks of the joint development model and proposing solutions
  • Drafting joint development contracts
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Supervision on the performance of the contracts
Real Estate Financing

Real estate financing includes general financing, private investment, trust financing, issuance of bond financing, real estate asset securitization and other ways of financing. Taking JunZeJun's advantage in the financial field, JunZeJun lawyers could provide comprehensive legal services for the project parties or investors. The legal services provided in this area are mainly as follows:

  • Providing financing channels and also legal services for various financing of  real estate projects;
  • Providing investable real estate projects for institutions;
  • Selecting financial investors or strategic investors according to the requirements of the project initiators and providing relevant legal services;
  • Providing legal due diligence for real estate financing projects;
  • Participating in negotiations on financing projects; and
  • Drafting the full set of legal texts, contracts, agreements, memos, etc. of financing projects.
Construction Contract Dispute

For years, JunZeJun lawyers have been focusing on the research and exploration of legal issues relating to construction contracts. Our services cover the whole process of the construction project. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the following areas: bidding of construction project, negotiation of total package engineering and subcontracting engineering, management of construction process, certification of changes, claims and counter claims, completion account and settlement, etc.

Land First-Stage Development

As in the upstream of the real estate industry, the first-stage development of land determines the development level of the secondary market of real estate. And as there is no uniform higher level laws regulating the first-stage development of land in China, the first-stage development of land mainly depends on the implementation of local policies. With years of practical experience in this field, JunZeJun lawyers could assist land developers obtain their investment interests and achieve their investment purposes in the land primary market. The legal services provided by JunZeJun in this field include:

  • Legal due diligence
  • Demonstration on the legal risks on land first-stage development project
  • Demonstration on the legal ground and policy support for the withdrawal of investment funds
  • Transaction documents drafting
  • Tendering and biding of land first-stage development project
New Area Overall Development

Integrated into our new area overall development practice is our experience in the areas of real estate, infrastructure and public utilities, investment and financing, enabling us to provide our clients with intensive legal services on primary land development, interactive land development and new area overall development PPP projects. Our services include:

  • The planning and implementation of new area development public administration
  • The planning and implementation of new area industry development
  • The planning and implementation of regional land development and utilization  
  • Urban-Rural overall planning and implementation
  • The planning and implementation of investment collaboration
  • The establishment of collaboration platform and the governance planning
  • The planning and implementation of infrastructure and public utilities investment, construction and operation
  • The planning and implementation of investment and financing
  • Local legislation counseling
  • Legal services on subprojects


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