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Securities and Capital Markets

JunZeJun is a leading firm in the field of capital markets. JunZeJun’s securities and capital markets team has represented clients in milestone cases in such fields as the issuance of securities and securities derivatives, the refinance of listed companies, the acquisition of listed companies and the major asset reorganisation of listed companies in major domestic and foreign public capital markets.


JunZeJun provides legal services to over two hundred domestic and foreign companies in relation to activities in both domestic and foreign capital markets. Our capital markets clients are in the following industries: trusts, securities, insurance, commercial banking, infrastructure and public utilities, real estate, healthcare, resource development, nonferrous metal smelting, information, agriculture, automotive and machinery, military, electronics, equipment manufacturing, shipping, food, beverages, chemicals, business franchising, transportation and logistics, culture, education, commercial distribution, tourism, textile garments and the service industry.


Through years of cumulative experience, JunZeJun’s securities team has established solid and extensive relationships with relevant government departments, regulatory bodies, stock exchanges, well-known securities companies, accounting firms, appraisal firms. Many JunZeJun lawyers as well as projects undertaken by JunZeJun won a number of awards and honors granted by regulatory authorities, legal rating agencies, mainstream media and research institutes.

Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include:
Initial public offering and listing on the main board, small and medium enterprise board and growth enterprise market Shareholding restructuring of state-owned enterprises, restructuring of public institutions and the transformation of limited liability companies into companies limited by shares for listing purposes
Refinancing of listed companies (placement of shares, public offerings, private offerings, warrants, convertible bonds, structured finance products) Acquisition of listed companies
Hostile takeovers of listed companies and defence Major asset reorganisation of listed companies
Assets purchase by private placement of shares issuance of listed companies Employee Stock Option Plan of listed companies
Management buyouts of listed companies Delisting and bankruptcy reorganisation of listed companies
Domestic listing of red chip structures Margin trading and short selling business
Tradable share block trading business Pledge of shares of listed companies
Disposal of state-owned shares of listed companies Governance and compliance of listed companies
Stock index futures and futures derivatives products Public trading of equity or equity receipts of over-the-counter markets (such as “the third board market”)
A variety of bond financing and securities issuance business (including corporate bonds, enterprise bonds, financial bonds, financial instruments of non-financial enterprises and exchangeable bonds) Private equity and investment fund
Asset backed securitization Direct issuance of shares by Chinese domestic companies on the main board or growth enterprise board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (H shares) and foreign initial public offering/placement of shares/issued equity depositary receipts and listing (“red-chip listing” or “red-chip depositary receipt listing”) of foreign companies with domestic interests on the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, the Toronto Exchange, the AMEX, the main board and enterprise board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Singapore Stock Exchange, the Taiwan Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Australian Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the AIMS market and the Euronext
Reverse mergers and acquisitions, leveraged mergers and acquisitions, reorganisation and back door listing of foreign listed companies Refinance of foreign listed companies (additional shares offering, private placement of new shares and convertible bond, etc.)
M&A of domestic or foreign assets by foreign listed companies


Leading Lawyers
IPO in China

JunZeJun is a leading legal services provider in the field of public capital markets. In areas of IPO in China, continued financing of listed companies, and acquisition by and asset reorganization of listed companies, JunZeJun provides full-scale legal services to over one hundred domestic and foreign companies, covering industries of commercial banking, trusts, securities, insurance, infrastructure and public utilities, real estate, healthcare, resource development, non-ferrous metal smelting, information technology, agriculture, automotive and machinery, military, electronics, equipment manufacturing, shipping, food and beverages, chemicals, business franchising, transportation and logistics, culture, education, commercial distribution, tourism, textile garments etc.


JunZeJun's securities team has comprehensive and deep understandings of regulatory rules and policies regarding securities and various industries. We are highly recognized by our clients and the market for being innovative, practical, effective, credible and cooperative.

Overseas Listing

JunZeJun has provided superior legal services for hundreds of companies for their overseas listings, including overseas public offering of domestic-registered companies (such as H-share, N-share, S-share, CDR, etc.) and overseas public offering of foreign-registered companies that have substantial China operations (such as red-chip stocks). We have covered industries such as mining, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, chemicals, environmental protection, home decoration, department stores, electronic equipment, urban infrastructures and commercial real estate etc.

Refinancing, mergers and acquisitions of listed companies

For the purposes of financial institutions, wood has been for the commercial banks, trust companies, securities companies, fund companies and fund subsidiary companies, insurance companies and insurance asset management companies, financial institutions, financial companies and financial lease companies, Futures Company, auto finance companies, providing established Sino foreign joint ventures, acquisitions, restructuring, reorganization and bankruptcy liquidation etc. legal services. In this regard, wood has several with the benchmark and creative market project services experience. JunZeJun's extensive experience in the financial sector has enabled JunZeJun to have the unusual ability to provide high quality services to clients within the framework of complex legal norms.

National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ)

Our capital market team entered the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) market as pioneers. Now, we are among the leading teams in the area of NEEQ offerings. Our market brand is built on the basis of a deep understanding of legal regulations, principles and policies of the securities market. We provide a full range of legal services for small and medium size enterprises (SME) aiming to entering the capital market through NEEQ. Those SME are well-positioned in emerging industries, such as internet, new energy, artificial intelligence, new material industry, etc. Our legal services in this area include:

  • The NEEQ listing legal service;
  • Securities law advice for companies listed on NEEQ;
  • Private placement of companies listed on NEEQ;
  • M&A transactions of companies listed on NEEQ;
  • IPO of companies listed on NEEQ
Asset-backed Securities

JunZeJun is among the leading teams in the area of asset-backed securities (a.k.a. ABS) in China. We successfully provided services for a large number of ABS projects which are widely recognized as innovative and setting benchmarks in the market. Based on our profound understanding of trade financing products of commercial banks, and financing and quasi-financing business models of core enterprises such as reverse factoring, JunZeJun is the first to apply shelf offering model to receivables, which has enabled those assets to become the mainstream in the ABS market. We have set up market standards in those areas. Our core products include the following:

  • Supply chain financing ABS
  • Securitization of receivables between enterprises or cash flows under trade financing products of banks (including negotiable instrument, letter of credit and letter of guarantee)
  • REITs/quasi-REITs, CMBS and other securitization of commercial real-estate or leasing property
  • PPP (public-private partnership)+ABS
  • Integration and innovation between information technology and ABS product
  • Duration management of ABS product
  • Dispute resolution of ABS product
Bond Issuance

JunZeJun is in a leading position in the area of bond issuance. The creative teams led by the experienced senior partners and composed of many lawyers having their own strong pints has provided legal support for a number of large and medium-sized enterprises and dealers of securities. The teams have wealth of experience in the field of non-financial corporate standard bonds and financial bonds. The core products of the bond issuing team include the following:

  • Corporate Bonds
  • Exchangeable Bonds
  • Renewable Corporate Bonds
  • Asset-backed Special Programs
  • Corporate Bonds (including Special Debt)
  • Project Revenue Bonds
  • Renewable Enterprises Bonds
  • Debt Financing Instruments for Non-financial Enterprises
  • Financial Bonds
  • Bonds of Securities Companies


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