Zhu Xiaofang
Shanghai Office

Prior in joining JunZeJun Law Offices, Ms. Zhu's 17-year proven experience from various positions in civil/criminal and executive court of Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's Court made her knows firsthand how key legal decisions are made in the court and what clients demand from their outside counsel.

After having joined JunZeJun, Ms. Zhu has achieved favorable outcomes in several landmark cases by her creative case strategies and persuasive briefs.

Aside from her exceptional skill and depth of knowledge related to her profession, Ms. Zhu has the natural ability to think outside the box when considering a course of action or assessing possible consequences of a particular decision.

Ms. Zhu is the architect behind her team's use of the following advanced technologies: managing special nonrecurring and ongoing projects to their fulfillment; understanding what is required to generate potent and effective teamwork; interacting with others with more power and less self-concern; speaking in a way that elicits others' enthusiasm to participate in the opportunities of the moment.

Working Experience and Education Background

2015 - Present: JunZeJun Law Offices, Partner and Lawyer

1998 - 2015: Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People's Court


Juris Doctorate, Faculty of Law, University of Shanghai
Master of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Shanghai


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