Michelle Wang
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Michelle specializes in the areas of domestic and cross-border commercial dispute resolution. She is also experienced in corporate practice and international trade.


As a former Judge in Shenzhen District Court, Michelle has managed over 3000 commercial cases so she is very experienced in commercial dispute resolution. Being a lawyer, Michelle has provided legal service for Banks, Funds, ASSET Management Companies, Import and Export Trade Companies, Cross-border E-commerce and high-net-worth individuals. Michelle is familiar with Company Law, Contract Law, Guarantee Law, Tort and others.


The types of cases Michelle has handled include, without limitation, equity disputes, disputes over the shareholder's right to know, collection of receivables, disputes over contracts for the international sale of goods, disputes over guarantee contract, disputes over financial leasing contract, disputes over letter of guarantee fraud, disputes over letter of credit, product quality and applications for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards or foreign court judgments. The dispute resolution methods include commercial negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Her tasks include: developing litigation strategies; conducting legal due diligence, communicating with local government and drafting legal reports; advising clients and ensuring compliance to Company Law; representing the client in various business negotiations.


Michelle has advised a number of enterprises in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail, accommodation and food and beverage, finance, leasing and commercial services, scientific research and technical services, animal husbandry, apparels, trading, medical devices and education and training industries. The annual legal services cover corporate governance, contract review, labor and personnel, intellectual property, legal training and year-end summaries, etc.


Michelle works with the Global Legal Service Team at JunZeJun Law Offices. She has cohesive cooperation with lawyers in the Asian-Pacific region and European Union.

Working Experience and Education Background

Michelle joined JunZeJun Law Offices in 2018. Before that, Michelle served for a Shenzhen District Court as a Judge between 2009 and 2015. 

Michelle graduated with a Master of International Law from the University of Sydney and a LLB from Shenzhen University.

Professional Affiliations
  • Asian International Arbitration Center                                                            Arbitrator
  • Hainan International Arbitration Court                                                           Arbitrator
  • Lancang-Mekong International Arbitration Center                                         Arbitrator
  • CHINA-ASEAN legal cooperation Center International Liaison Division       Committee


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