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Meaning of “JunZeJun”

In the Chinese Confucius culture, “Junzi”, the literal equivalent of "gentleman", is the highest standard for the cultivation of an individual, meaning a person of noble characters and full moral integrity. A “Junzi”improves himself by constantly strengthening his inner world; benefits others by voluntarily contributing to the outside world.


Being a true “Junzi” is the spiritual goal of all JunZeJun people. Within the firm, we follow the way of “Junzi”in cooperating with each other in and out of the firm.

The Design of JunZeJun Logo


"JZJ" the figure in JunZeJun's logo is not only a variant of English letter, but also a variant of Yi and Yang symbols, which is designed to be symmetrical under all rotations about the center, resembling the divinatory symbols recorded in the ancient Book of Changes (Zhouyi). Each divinatory symbol signifies a state of being in the world, inspiring people to initiate changes while following the course of nature.


Assimilating the essence of the above mottos, JunZeJun's logo is meant to manifest the way of “Junzi”(noble person/gentleman) observed by all JunZeJun law offices in their practices and all JunZeJun people in their individual careers.


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