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In 2022, JunZeJun Law Offices (hereinafter referred to as "JunZeJun") has established a branch office in Hangzhou, which is known as "A Paradise on Earth".


JunZeJun is one of the outstanding large law offices with distinctive professional advantages and a good market reputation in China. The initiative of building a branch office in Hangzhou, the most humanistic city in the Yangtze River Delta, is committed to building a first-class service professional team with long-term insight to further expand the market in Zhejiang and build an elite law office with distinctive professional features, excellent reputation, and competitiveness in the niche market, and a wide market influence in Zhejiang. This will further help to consolidate JunZeJun's position in the legal service market in the Yangtze River Delta and East China region and increase its brand influence in Zhejiang and the whole country.


JunZeJun Hangzhou Office is located in Hangzhou's top-grade office building - Wulin Yihao, which is situated in Wulin block, the core area in Hangzhou. The site enjoys both a long-standing historical heritage and a refined and restrained urban style. The high-end workplace with a modern design can provide a warm and comfortable working environment for JunZeJun employees and will create a perfect meeting place for visitors worldwide to gather and communicate.


JunZeJun Hangzhou Office will rely on the partners' client and business resources and rich experience accumulated during the past years in the vertical industries of financial management, investment, financing and M&A, real estate and construction engineering, minerals and energy, as well as related legal fields, to form specializations and a team with complementary advantages and all-round linkage. Bringing into play the professional edge and specialties, integrating local culture, JunZeJun aims to provide better and more efficient legal services to clients.


Meanwhile, upholding long-termism, win-win cooperation philosophy, market-led, open and tolerant mentality and craftsman’s spirit, JunZeJun Hangzhou Office will absorb and unite the strengths and resources of all parties to the maximum extent, gradually introduce a team of lawyers with a consistent philosophy, integrity, professionalism and complementary synergy, and simultaneously start the cooperation and merger of other local law firms in the province.


Through the methodology of "Deeply cultivating in the industry, making alliances with the strong ones, focusing on the strong practice areas while vigorously developing the others", JunZeJun Hangzhou Office strives to achieve a reasonable regional layout and specialization, and expand business and influence in the province as soon as possible. With a professional local team with regional characteristics, JunZeJun Hangzhou Office will seize the major market opportunities of Zhejiang financial market, Zhejiang enterprises, Zhejiang business and Zhejiang as a whole, strive to make leapfrog developments through breakthroughs via key business and core clients, and finally achieve the long-term goal of building a professional elite law office.


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