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Human Resources and Labor Law

JunZeJun's human resources and labor law team has in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience in labor and social security, human resources management consulting, company compliance, dispute resolution, etc.


With the concept of "providing customers with the best service", we insist on excellence in professionalism, pursue pragmatism and efficiency in service, and devote ourselves to supporting our customers to achieve safe and prosperous development in cooperation.

The team provides human resources and labor legal services to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, state-owned enterprises, non-profit organizations, etc., each year. The industry covers finance, medicine, real estate, energy, chemicals, the Internet, communications, equipment manufacturing, Automobile and machinery, aviation, military industry, electronics, agriculture, food, catering, transportation and logistics, culture, education, advertising media, tourism, pension, commercial chain, commercial circulation, service industry, etc.


We are good at solving human resource legal problems creatively and systematically from the perspective of management and combining the characteristics of different industries. Every year, we deal with hundreds of difficult and complex labor disputes, including disputes over senior executives and non-competition restrictions. We assist more than 10 enterprises to complete the design and implementation of the scheme of personnel placement, reduction, optimization and integration related to merger and acquisition, dissolution and liquidation, and organizational structure adjustment.


Since 2006, on behalf of foreign-funded enterprises and the human resource service industry, the team members have provided opinions and suggestions to relevant national departments on the legislation of important laws and regulations in the labor field, such as the Labor Contract Law, the Social Insurance Law, and the Interim Provisions on Labor Dispatch.


Junzejun’s human resources and labor law team, because of professional, excellent service quality, efficient and pragmatic service culture, as well as sharing, extensive resource network, has been recognized and praised by many customers.


Our work area covers Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Changchun, Shijiazhuang, Kunming, Hong Kong and other places. Based on the above regions, our services cover the whole country, and we can provide accurate, rapid, deep and broad comprehensive solutions and "one-stop" services for many market players in human resources and labor law.

Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include:
Formulating, reviewing and revising individual systems, rules and regulations, democratic procedures and human resource management process documents, including labor contracts, employment agreements, employee handbooks, Compensation performances, etc. Assisting clients to deal with all types of labor disputes, senior management disputes, employee stock ownership plans’ disputes, non-competition disputes, personnel disputes, labor administrative disputes, and labor supervision issues with administrative agency
Assisting clients to arrange due diligence, plan design and implementation of personnel placement or personnel optimization integration projects, report and communicate to the government, participate in negotiations, draft or review project documents in the process of mergers, reorganization, restructuring, suspension of production, relocation, closure, dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation of enterprises and institutions, to assist customers to handle group disputes  Assisting clients to optimization of employment mode and cost control, design, implementation and resource matching of flexible employment plan
Advising on business development, operation and compliance consultation for enterprises in the human resource service industry  Providing customized training within the client, forums, seminars, public class, and new law express, perspective sharing
Drafting and reviewing collective contracts, participating in collective negotiation Advising on issues related to democratic management, such as legal services for the formation, daily operation, and use of funds of labor unions and employee congresses
Advising on issues related to employee salary, personal tax, enterprise annuity, provident fund, enterprise annuity, commercial insurance and other benefits, and assisting clients to match resources Advising on issues related to labor safety system construction, labor protection, work-related injuries, and occupational diseases
Assisting clients to design and implementation of trade secret protection and competition restriction programs Advising on issues in connection with Employee Stock Ownership Plans, and its scheme design and implementation 
Advising on issues related to employee personal information protection and corporate collection and use Advising on issues such as anti-workplace sexual harassment and anti-employment discrimination
Assisting clients to do compliance investigation on employee background, employee integrity, conflict of interest, anti-corruption, etc. and advise on related issues Assisting clients to economic crimes and official crimes
Assisting clients to human resources compliance audit Providing services related to the adjustment of human resources strategy
Advising on issues related to cross-border employment arrangements and cross-border transfers Assisting clients to obtain work authorization for foreign national employees
Assisting clients to agency declaration of special working hours for enterprises Other Human Resources related legal services


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