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PPP/Infrastructure and Public Utilities

Infrastructure and public utilities is one of the major practice areas of JunZeJun. We are the frontrunner in this area because we have an elite team with in-depth knowledge and rich experience in the area of infrastructure and public utilities. As an industry leader, we have actively participated in the development and reformation of this area in China, and established steady cooperation with a great number of government authorities, institutes and consultant institutions. Our team has handled many landmark projects in this area, which include many PPP model projects recognized by the Ministry of Finance and award-winning infrastructure projects. Our rich experience and creativity has won us excellent reputation and wide recognition among market participants.

Since Chinese central government started to promote PPP in 2014, our team has actively handled hundreds of projects in the full range of PPP areas, including: raw water, water supply, solid waste disposal, underground railway (track traffic), energy, toll roads (bridges), municipal roads, water environment treatment, ecological environment treatment, composite pipelines, sponge city, pension, medical treatment, smart city, parks, tourism, sports stadiums, and regional development, etc.

Legal services provided by JunZeJun in this area mainly include:
PPP models of operation, such as BOT, TOT, ROT, DBFO Financing in relation to infrastructure and public utilities project
Construction and operation of infrastructure and public utilities projects Asset-backed securitization of PPP project
Taxation in relation to PPP projects Mergers and acquisitions of infrastructure and public utilities projects
Investment in infrastructure and public utilities projects Dispute resolution concerning infrastructure and public utilities project investment
Advising on law-making in the area of PPP  
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PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Investment Fund

JunZeJun is among the leading teams in the field of PPP in China. As private equity fund focused at the PPP field, PPP investment fund has gradually become the main force to promote M&A in the field of PPP. We have a group of professionals who are familiar with investment fund and are equipped with extensive legal expertise as well as rich practical experience. Based on our understanding of customer’s needs, we then propose to our clients designs of legal structures for the establishment or investment of the PPP investment fund, and raise feasible suggestions to resolve problems faced by PPP investment funds in the process of setting up or investing. The legal services provided by the JunZeJun team include:

  • To design investment structures and exit arrangements of PPP investment funds
  • To conduct due diligence on proposed investment projects of PPP investment funds
  • To participate in project negotiations
  • To draft relevant legal documents
  • To assist customers in completing project delivery
  • Other related matters
Infrastructure (Public-Private Partnership)

JunZeJun lawyers have rich experience in the field of public-private partnership (“PPP”). In recent years, JunZeJun has played significant roles in a number of infrastructural PPP projects, including the PPP project of Municipal Road in Changsha High Tech Zone, the PPP project of the renovation of the main tourist roads and both of their sides in Shaoshan, the PPP project of investment and financing of Yuening Avenue in Changsha, and the PPP project of the Yiyang Fourth Water Plant, etc.

Region Development

JunZeJun lawyers have extensive experience in region development. Our representative projects include the development project of Changsha Dahexi Leading District Meixi Lake Region and the co-development project of Dawang Mountain Resort in Changsha.

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